The Problem with Ivy….

July 6, 2017  

As pretty as ivy can look climbing up a house or a chimney, under the surface it can be causing serious structural damage.  The reason ivy can cause structural damage is because the tendrils that latch onto the wall can grow into and through the mortar and bricks.  As they grow deeper into the masonry, they weaken the structure of the walls of the chimney.  They also create pathways for pests such as carpenter ants, termites, and also moisture to enter.  Ivy also increases the risk of fire and carbon monoxide.  If ivy is already growing along the sides of your home or chimney contact a professional to remove it.

It is smart to call a certified chimney technician to inspect your chimney if ivy has been growing on it.  Internal and structural damage to the chimney is a serious safety hazard.

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