Hi, We THANK YOU for all your hard and dedicated work today. I can’t begin to tell you the RELIEF I feel. I didn’t think we’d be able to burn wood again, without my feeling the panic of the night of the chimney fire. You have put my mind at ease and we will happily and SAFELY heat our home with wood again.

We will gladly recommend your services to anyone interested and be happy to give a reference to anyone you send to us…..

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Deb Cooper and family

Ken, It was a pleasure working with you also.Your professionalism and courtesy was refreshing. Thanks for the additional pics and tell Lisa I said Hi! I enjoyed chatting with her.


Have a nice weekend and thank you for a great job. The chimney looks awesome!

Karen Setlock

Ken, Thanks for the over the top exceptional service, it was greatly appreciated!


Jack Yaag

Dear Ken, Thanks for the excellent pictures showing the deterioration of the cap on my chimney. I will take these over to the contractor and try to get them to rectify the damage.. I was very impressed with you and your helper Ben. You not only did an excellent job of cleaning my chimney but gave me a lot of good advice in preventing excessive creosote build-up. I will get the check in the mail tomorrow. You have gained a lifetime customer(since I am already 84 this may not be as wonderful as it sounds.) Sincerely, B.G.




Thanks a million for your professional, on-time, quality-focused completion of our chimney cap replacement. It was a geunine pleasure to work with a dependable, service-oriented company such as yours. Anytime you need a glowing and positive reference, you can count on us and thanks for the great pictures.


Moffette & Mary Tharpe


Lisa and Ken,

Thank you for all your help with our Chimney. We feel it is properly installed and we won’t have further problems.

Thank You,

Dan and Kay W.