Crown and Crown Wash

A Crown or Crown Wash (two separate things) serves an important function to your chimney, it is sloped and acts like a roof shedding water away from the top portion of the chimney.

A crown differs from a crown wash in that it is formed and poured on top of the chimney and extends out passed the stone or brick and typically has a drip edge built in to the underside to prevent any water from ever entering the masonry below it.

The crown wash is much more popular because it is much more cost effective and is usually just cement sloped down from around the flue tiles feathered to the edge of the stone or brick.  Both share the common goal of keeping weather out from the very top of the chimney.

It is very common for a crown wash to become weathered, cracked and broken thus loosing its ability and purpose to keep out water. This is usually the start of havoc for the top of your chimney, as water enters in the freeze thaw cycle of winter it starts moving the bricks until they are loose and start falling apart.

A crown wash needing repair can usually be fixed while our technicians are servicing your chimney,  the cost is relatively inexpensive and it will prevent very costly repairs in the future.

Another option to prevent future deterioration of the crown wash or crown is to have us apply a crown seal which is a rubberized coating that acts like a rubber roof for the top of the chimney. This coating is guaranteed for 10 years not to peal or crack and gives the top of the chimney extra protection from water intrusion saving you from costly repairs later.

below are some before and after photo’s of crown wash repairs, click to enlarge photo’s.

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