History Of Wellers

Founder of Weller's Chimney Sweeps - Victor Weller

Founder of Weller’s Chimney Sweeps – Victor Weller

In July 1979 Victor  Weller established Weller’s Chimney Sweeps. Chimney sweeping was fairly new in the United States at this time. Victor was employed by the Dana Corporation, a worldwide company that manufactures car and truck frames.

In order to start the business, Victor borrowed money from his In-Laws to buy his first sweeper and equipment,  He also painted billboards and signs to help support the family’s new venture.

While holding the responsibility of his daytime job, Vic started sweeping chimneys at night and on weekends.  His first year , he only swept 10 chimneys and only made $300 as a part time sweep.  This led to more determination for Victor

At the start of the new family business, Victor’s  2 children sometimes went along on service calls as his helpers.

Each year the business grew along with the awareness and importance of sweeping chimneys. Victor always made a great impression wearing the traditional sweeps Top Hat and Tails.

In 1986  Victor entertained the thought of leaving his full time job to  run the family  business which was running  very strong.  Vic’s son 19 at the time, having less seniority and benefits decided to leave his job at the local foundry and take the opportunity and responsibility in working full time in the family business as Vic worked part time and managed the business.

In 1996 the Weller’s decided to venture into a new challenge and opened a stove shop which later led to selling pools and spas.  Unfortunately the overhead exceeded profits and the Weller’s made the decision in the year 2000 not proceed with retail sales but stayed focused on the Chimney Sweep business.

In 2003 Victor Weller fell ill, devoted husband, father of two and grandfather of four passed away.  A man who was well respected personally and professionally in the community is missed by many.  Customers still reminisce about his excellent and honest service, showing up at their door wearing his top hat and tails and supporting a smile.

His wife continued to run the business for several years after Vic’s death and in 2005  his son decided to step away from the family business and start his own business venture.

In January 2008, after 29 years of service, Victor’s wife decided to sell the chimney sweep business to a former part time employee and long time friend of the family, Kenneth Ferraiolo.

The present owner, Kenneth Ferraiolo, has been carrying on the professional tradition that Victor had established for the sweep business.

Kenny hopes to satisfy and exceed customer’s expectations with exceptional  service second to none.